Programme Name: Pakistan Studies. Introduction: M.S. Pakistan Studies was first offered in Since then, it has produced a large number of graduates. Pakistan Book. Pages·· KB· Downloads. Map of Pakistan and Jammu and Kashmir State vii. Writing. As a teenager, I wanted to be William. ADD TO CART DETAILS Advanced study in the history of medieval india. volume-3 (medieval indian society & culture) MEHTA Price: Rs Colonial political.


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What makes us Pakistanis and what is it that makes us love our land and nation?

Pakistan Studies

The answers to these questions vary widely depending on who is being asked. Religion has also played a big part in making us what we are today.


pakistan studies books But the picture general history textbooks paint for us does not portray the various facets of our identity. Instead it offers quite a convoluted description of who we are.

The distortion of historical facts has in turn played a quintessential role in manipulating our sense of self.

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Herald invited writers and commentators, well versed in history, to share their answers to what they believe is the most blatant lie taught through Pakistan history textbooks. Pakistan studies books fundamental divide between Hindus pakistan studies books Muslims The most blatant lie in Pakistan Studies textbooks is the idea that Pakistan was formed solely because of a fundamental conflict between Hindus and Muslims.

This idea bases itself on the notion of a civilisational divide between monolithic Hindu and Muslim identities, which simply did not exist.


The stress pakistan studies books religion ignored other factors that could cut across both pakistan studies books. For instance, a Muslim from most of South India had far more in common, because of his regionally specific culture and language, with Hindus in this area than the Muslims in the north of the Subcontinent.

Therefore, power and empire building often trumped this religious identity, that textbooks claim, can be traced linearly right to the formation of Pakistan.

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These textbooks tend to have snapshot descriptions pakistan studies books the contempt with which the two religious communities treated one another.

This is specifically highlighted in descriptions of the Congress ministries formed after the elections of In most cases, it was because the Muslim ruler was punishing an insubordinate Hindu official.

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Otherwise, the Mughals protected such temples. Jumping ahead, this sort of inter-communal cooperation aimed at maintaining political control could also be seen in the Unionist Party, which pakistan studies books in power in Punjab all the way up until As Pakistan was formed barely pakistan studies books year later, the notion that its formation was based on a long-standing and fundamental conflict between Hindus and Muslims is deeply problematic.

This gap continues in the historical narrative for school students post-partition. Hence, some of the most blatant lies and subversion of historical facts exist in the textbooks mandated by the federal and provincial textbook boards.

Most nation states during the pakistan studies books and 20th centuries used official versions of history in order to create a homogenous and nationalistic identity.

Successive governments did not further this goal pakistan studies books history written for schools in Pakistan became the victim of fossilised textbook boards ratifying the work of unethical and unscholarly authors for public school consumption.

Vested interests continue to triumph despite the open door policy since for private publishers to bid for quality textbooks. Most textbooks in Sindh at least do mention Moenjodaro and pakistan studies books Indus Valley civilisation, but it is not discussed in a meaningful way and there is no discussion about its extent and culture.


Important periods and events during subsequent centuries are also skimmed over, like the Aryan civilisation which introduced its powerful social system and epic poetry Mahabharata in which Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa play important rolesthe Brahmin religion, a thousand years of Buddhism with its universities and the Gandharan civilisation which was spread throughout present day Pakistan.

Similarly, hardly anyone would be aware that Asoka whose pakistan studies books was in Pataliputra in the east of the subcontinent also counted Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa pakistan studies books Punjab as part of his domain.

Pakistan Studies

Pakistan studies books result of these pakistan studies books is disastrous on the minds of the youth in Pakistan. Instead of seeing themselves as heirs of many civilisations, they acquire a narrow, one-dimensional view of the world.

This is contradicted by what they subsequently see in this global world of information technology and shared knowledge. That this is also in direct contravention of Islamic teachings does not occur to the perpetrators of a lopsided curriculum in our schools.

The first assertion in the Holy Quran is Iqra bi Ism I Rabik [and no pakistan studies books are put on the acquisition of knowledge]. Instead, we have bans on books, digital platforms such as Pakistan studies books and even newspapers in this Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Yet it is this period of both our histories, or the portrayal of such, that is tampered with the most and has been used as a political tool by either side.

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