Drilling Machine Main Parts: Spindle: Power transmission: Advantage of Drilling Machine: Dis-advantage of Drilling Machine: Application of Drilling Machine:‎Drilling Machine · ‎Drilling Machine Main Parts · ‎Types of Drilling Machine. Do you want to know the functionalities of the parts of drill press ? Click The column of the drill machine is used to tie the table. The work. The components of drilling equipment/machines are extremely important to obtain proper results with the different kinds of tools that were.


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Both the column and the tables are placed at the 90 degree with each other.

Table Table parts of drilling machine also one of the best parts of the drill press. This is used to hold the working material in place. It is adjusted right at 90 degree to the column. It can be moved upward, downward and rotated around the column as required.

Principle and Working of DRILLING MACHINE

The shape of the table does not matter. You can make a round shape or a rectangular shape table for your drill press. The spindle holds the drill or cutting tools and revolves in a fixed position in a sleeve. In most drilling machines, the spindle is vertical and the work is supported on a horizontal table.

The sleeve or quill assembly does not revolve but may slide in its bearing in a direction parallel to its axis. When the sleeve carrying the spindle with a cutting tool is lowered, the cutting tool is fed into the work: Feed pressure applied to the sleeve by hand or power causes the revolving drill to parts of drilling machine its way into the work a parts of drilling machine thousandths of an inch per revolution.

The column of most drill presses is circular and built rugged and parts of drilling machine. The column supports the head and the sleeve or quill assembly.


The head of the drill press is composed of the sleeve, spindle, electric motor, and feed mechanism. The head is bolted to the column.

Principle and Working of DRILLING MACHINE - Engineering Tutorials

The worktable is supported on an arm mounted to the column. The worktable can be adjusted vertically to accommodate different heights parts of drilling machine work. The base of the drilling machine supports the entire machine and when bolted to the floor, provides for vibration-free operation and best machining accuracy.

The radial drilling machine is used primarily for drilling medium to large and heavy workpieces.

Drilling Machine Parts

Depending on the different movements of horizontal arm, table and drill head, the upright drilling machine may be classified into following types- 1. Plain radial drilling machine 2.

Semi universal drilling machine, and 3. Vertical movement of the parts of drilling machine on the column, 2. Horizontal movement of the drill head along the arm, and 3.

Circular movement of the arm in horizontal plane about the vertical column.

Drilling Machines | Smithy - Detroit Machine Tools

In a semi universal drilling machine, in addition parts of drilling machine the above three movements, the drill head can be swung about a horizontal axis perpendicular to the arm.

In universal machine, an additional rotatory movement of the arm holding the drill head on a horizontal axis is also provided for enabling it to drill on a job at any angle. Gang Drilling Machine In gang drilling machine, a number of single spindle drilling machine columns are placed side by side on a common base and have a common worktable.

A series of operation may be performed on the job by shifting the work from parts of drilling machine position to the other on the worktable. This type of machine is mainly used for production work.

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