Folder Path: \\tutukor\SILAT\KHO PING HO\ Serial Pedang Naga Kemala\. Select Folder Search Download All View Option Play Music. Pedang Naga Kemala yang pernah menggerkan seluruh tokoh dunia persilatan yang hendak di perebutkan. Sebuah pedang pusaka yang di jadikan rebutan. Items 61 - 80 - ASMARAMAN S. & KHO PING HOO, Pedang Naga Kemala(Giok Liong Kiam). Orig. edn. Solo, "Gema", tog. 27 parts.


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Additionally, the owner is more diligent and opens from 5 a. When her parents notice Siane's attention for Budi, they put forward their objections: Similarly Budi' s parents have their objections, because Chinese are usually considered to be people who try to make a profit, often using dishonest pedang naga kemala such as smuggling and cheating.

In the end, they all overcome their prejudices and all ends happily. The message is very clear pedang naga kemala and Kho hopes that this small novel may be a contribution in forestalling prejudice and racialism.

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The pedang naga kemala of Majapahit was then on the eve of its downfall due to the power struggle among the contenders to the throne. Zheng Ho' s men are staying at the village of Lumajang, when one of them by the name of Ong Cin hears a woman screaming for help.

Ong Cin comes to her rescue and pedang naga kemala love affair between him and the girl, Darmini, unfolds.


Since he has to return to China with the ships, he vows to return to marry her. But pedang naga kemala he returns to his base, he is attacked by the same group which had tried to kidnap Darmini and is killed.

His sister in China hears about the killing and decides to come to Java to find the murderer. There, after many adventures, she finds a Javanese prince who falls in love with her and the story ends happily for both of them.

This is the story of Sang Megatantra, a magic kris by that name The setting is in medieval Java, and the characters are all native Javanese.

When her kidnappers try to rape her, she is saved by The Jiauw Lan, a fugitive from China, who has killed the son of a high official in Nanking in order to defend a girl who was harrassed by the son. The Jiauw Lan pedang naga kemala to escape and is wandering in Java when the incident of the kidnapping occurs.

While Princess Pedang naga kemala is waiting for her husband to come to take her home, three men appear and one of them turns out to be The' s former teacher who was sent to find him.

Literary Migrations: Traditional Chinese Fiction in Asia (17thth Centuries) - Google Books

According to the ancient Chinese rules, his former teacher may not fight or kill him, but the two men accompanying him have instructions to engage him in battle, to overpower him but not to kill him. After the fight, the three men wander further and so does The Jiauw Lan, when Listyarini' s husband comes to save her.

He turns down their proposal to join them at the pedang naga kemala and to become an officer there, because he has taken the decision to become a hermit and to meditate near the lake of Sawangan on the slopes of Mount Lawu in the Eastern part of Java.

Kho told me in an interview that both these stories, though fictional, are based on historical facts, and that he wanted to use them to show that the Chi- I Pedang naga kemala Sidharta nese have been pedang naga kemala Java for a long time. In Kilat Pedang, he stressed that Cheng Ho was a Muslim and that one of his men, Ma Huan, was a kiai, a religious teacher and that thus the Muslim religion was not strange to the Chinese.

He also told this story to show that mixed marriages were not uncommon in earlier times and that in royal graveyards are to be found tombs of Chinese princesses pedang naga kemala had been presented to Javanese noblemen.

According to Kho, it was only later that natives were discriminated against by the Chinese. He also wanted to show that not all the Chinese, who came here to settle, were dishonest businessmen who enriched themselves by smuggling pedang naga kemala cheating.

Among the earlier settlers were also some men with other backgrounds.

He hopes that with his writing he pedang naga kemala help people overcome their prejudices that the Chinese are always dishonest and always try to enrich themselves here and then return to China. On the other hand, for the ethnic Pedang naga kemala readers, he hopes to convey the message that Indonesians, especially Javanese, are also people with an old and refined culture.


Conclusion Cloak-and-dagger stories have been very popular in Indonesia since they pedang naga kemala first translated into Malay in They are still being translated, but Kho Ping Hoo has from the very beginning of his career made up his own stories.

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