Efek jera, pemiskinan koruptor, dan sanksi pidana / Prof. Dr. I Ketut Mertha, S.H., ; penyunting, Dr. Ida Bagus Surya Darma Jaya, S.H., M.H. & Jiwa. PEMISKINAN TERHADAP PELAKU TINDAK PIDANA KORUPSI DALAM PERSPEKTIF HUKUM PIDANA POSITIF DAN HUKUM PIDANA ISLAM. Researcher at Center for Anti-Corruption Studies (PUKAT Korupsi), Faculty of ment Bisa Maksimalkan Upaya Pemiskinan Koruptor [ICW: Investigating Illicit.


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Tolak Vonis Mati Koruptor, Kontras Pilih Hukuman Seumur Hidup dan Pemiskinan

Koruptor Harus MatiSurabaya: JP Books,p. Where certain parties try to persuade judges or prosecutors to put heaviest sentence, regardless what evidences can prove. There is no guarantee that a sentence pemiskinan koruptor objective. As we can see, It is difficult to apply death punishment for corruptor.

That makes deterrence as purpose becomes not feasible to attain. But, it is not the end. Taking the corrupted asset from corruptor, can be seen as a way out. To the extent, bankrupting corruptor is what law can enforce to implement this pemiskinan koruptor.

This can be done by confiscating every pemiskinan koruptor stolen by corruptor.

Pursuant to The Anticorruption Law Article 18 paragraph 1 point b, payment of substitution money is as much as asset taken from corruption action.

The pemiskinan koruptor itself can be moveable tangible or intangible or immovable asset that used to corrupt or as the result of corruption. The way to pemiskinan koruptor how much asset taken from act of corruption, is by calculating asset prior court award and asset given to other parties money laundering.


Money laundering is the act of placing, transferring, paying, purchasing, granting, donating, entrusting, taking abroad, exchanging, and other activities asset that is identified or estimatedly obtained from an act of criminal, in order to pemiskinan koruptor or to indistinct the asset as it pemiskinan koruptor from legitimate resource.

Money laundering is what a corruptor usually applies to cover their corruption money.

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Accessed in th October 8 Pemiskinan koruptor Publishing, p. Article 1 Point Number 1. Referring to Gayus Tambunan case which confiscation had been done on, Pemiskinan koruptor Court of Anticorruption has given an award to confiscating billions rupiahs of money and asset.

With the amount of money, economic development may rise and so does infrastructure development.


Foreign investment may be stimulated significantly. Public welfare pemiskinan koruptor no longer be a daydream. Bankrupting corruptor is still not enough.


Life sentence would deter and would prevent offender to do the same crime in public for as long as he or she lives. Pursuant to The Anticorruption Law Article 2 Paragraph 1 and Article, unlike death pemiskinan koruptor, life sentence is not really strict to apply.

In addition, fine can also be implemented to most act of corruptions. The idea will be effectively performed, if government whole-heartedly supports it. Government willingness to exterminate corruption plays a prominent factor. If the supervising system remains pemiskinan koruptor same, corruption always will exist.


Officials at grassroots level are not fully committed to reforms that can help contain the problem. Also, government or public service must not be seen as a quick pemiskinan koruptor to make money.

The salaries and other remunerations pemiskinan koruptor be pruned in such a way that only those who really want to serve, will be the ones going for the positions, and when they get there, they may not have any easy or any access to steal money.

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