En comienza también el proceso de rectificación de errores y se introduce el “perfeccionamiento empresarial” en las fuerzas armadas. Taller Indicadores gerenciales. Public. · Hosted by Cepempre "Centro de Perfeccionamiento Empresarial". Interested. clock. Jul 12, at PM – Jul Por causa del hermetismo y secretismo del MINAZ en este asunto, no se pudo recopilar más infomación sobre la aplicación del perfeccionamiento empresarial.


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Perfeccionamiento empresarial addition to articles and essays that represent new developments in Cuba, the work boasts a perfeccionamiento empresarial upgrade that makes it more important to students, scholars, and researchers. The volume has expanded the section on future prospects for civil society and democracy in a post-Castro environment; including "Regime Change in Cuba" by Eusebio Mujal-Leon and Joshua W.

Since taking office last year, Raul Castro has taken small, but symbolic steps such as lifting restrictions on some consumer goods for ordinary Cubans and allowing them to enter tourist hotels previously reserved for foreign visitors.


His major economic reforms have been in agriculture where decision making was decentralized and perfeccionamiento empresarial granted more autonomy and land.

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It seeks to create a chain of profitable, autonomous, agile state enterprises. To a capitalist, however perfeccionamiento empresarial these enterprises are, they will always lack the crucial ingredients of private perfeccionamiento empresarial and complete freedom from government guidance.

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