[The Persiles] could be thought to stand in the same relation to the Quixote as The Winter's Tale stands to Measure for Measure The present version really. Cervantes' last published novel belongs to the genre of the Byzantine novel. The author dedicated Los Trabajos de Persiles y Sigismunda to Pedro Fernández. A Banquet of the Senses: The Mythological Structure of Persiles y Sigismundo, III between the first two books of Cervantes' Persiles y Sigismunda and the last.


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The other barbarians took three staves fashioned like oars and one of them became the persiles sigismunda the other two forced forth the raft towards the isle.

The fair young man, who every minute expected death, shrunk up persiles sigismunda shoulders, shut his mouth, bent his brows, and in heart with profound silence entreated heaven not to be delivered from such persiles sigismunda and imminent danger, but to be endued with courage to suffer it. Which the barbarous archer perceiving, whose stony heart the young man's beauty had already inclined to pity, he would not give him a lingering death by holding his arrow drawn to the head, and ready to be persiles sigismunda fly against his breast; but throwing down the bow, he came unto him, and by signs in the best manner he could, gave him to understand that he would not kill him.

Los trabajos de Persiles y Sigismunda - Viquipèdia, l'enciclopèdia lliure

Being upon these terms, the raft came into the midst of the strait enclosing the two isles, when such a flaw unlooked-for arose that, whatsoever help these trim sailors could afford, the beams of their raft were untied and severed into parts, upon one whereof, consisting of six timbers or thereabouts, he sat, who a little before feared nothing less than drowning.

The storms made a grown sea, the winds and billows wrestled together, the barbarians were drowned, persiles sigismunda timbers persiles sigismunda the prisoner sat bound were carried into the main sea; the waves raked over him, whereby he was not only impeached to behold heaven, but was likewise deprived of means to pray that it would have compassion of his mishaps.

Nevertheless, the continued fury of the waters which covered him every moment beat him not off from the beams that they drovewith them, although that by reason his hands were bound at his back he could not catch or lay hold upon anything.

In this manner floating upon the sea, that by this time was somewhat appeased, he doubled the point of a certain isle, whither the timbers approached, miraculously keeping him from wreck.

There this poor young man, tired with two so different and perilous fortunes which he had undergone, looked round about and descried a ship not far from him, which had there put in for shelter against the sea and anchored in this road as in an haven of safety.

They of the ship also discovered the raft, with the charge appearing thereon: Persiles sigismunda was helped aboard: The captain, with a noble and pitiful affection, commanded that he should be succoured; whereupon one went readily to unbind his hands, others to bring conserves and wines; by which remedies, the man fallen into a swoon came again to himself, as it were from death to life.

Early Modern Spain: The Travels of Persiles and Sigismunda

And looking upon the captain, whose courtesy and rich attire drew his sight that way, he spoke unto him in this manner. My misfortunes have taken sure hold upon me, that I am not able to recompense this your goodness but by thanks only: Which the captain perceiving, commanded him to be carried under the half-deck, his wet garments to be taken off, and drier, and handsomer to be put on his back, and then that he should rest a while.

His commandments were persiles sigismunda, the young man obeyed with silence, and the captain's admiration increased when he saw him on his persiles sigismunda with so brave and cheerful disposition appearing in his person.

Straightway he began to have an earnest and longing affection to know of him what he was, his name, and from what causes proceeded the effects of so great extremity, whereunto he was reduced.

Yet because the captain's courtesy surmounted his curiosity, he was willing rather to relieve the stranger's weakness than he would give satisfaction to his own desire.


The officers of the ship performed their captain's command, leaving the young man to take his rest. But because a multitude of sad thoughts oppressed him, sleep could never get possession of his senses, and much less would permit the grievous sighs and pitiful moans which he heard, and seemed to him to issue persiles sigismunda betwixt the boards of persiles sigismunda cabin adjoining unto his; wherefore disposing himself to hearken attentively, he heard these words.

I say,cast me headlong: I thought to have enjoyed the sun's brightness in freedom, but persiles sigismunda thoughts have beguiled me; for I see myself upon the point to be sold as a slave, by such a misfortune as exceedeth any other whatsoever".


But first I would know to whom I shall declare the same. Persiles sigismunda me if perhaps thou be that young man late found half dead upon the rafters, which they said serve instead of barks for the barbarians of this isle, whither persiles sigismunda have arrived under covert from the tempest.

The Trials of Persiles and Sigismunda: A Northern Story by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

Her discretion matched her beauty, and persiles sigismunda misfortunes her discretion. Her name is Auristela, her parents were very rich, and of royal blood.

This same, for whose perfections all praises aretoo little, saw herself sold, and was bought by Arnaldo, who hath loved her so sincerely, and as yet so passionately loves her, that persiles sigismunda she be his slave, yet he would a thousand times make her his mistress, and take her to wife in lawful matrimony; whereunto his father consented, who judged that the rare virtues and perfections of Auristela deserved a greater matter than to be a queen.

But she hath said always, that she cannot break the vow which she made, to continue a virgin all her lifetime, use what promises or threatenings they could. Yet Arnaldo amongst his doubtful imaginations entertained hope; sometimes relying on the alteration of time, sometimes on the mutable conditions of women; until it happened that Auristela, persiles sigismunda day walking by the seaside, not like a persiles sigismunda, but as a queen, certain barks of pirates took and carried her away, no man knows whither.

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