Quwat-ul-Quloob. 93 likes · 6 talking about this. Naat Competitions, Naats, Life Changing Bayans To The Right And Tremendous Path Of Islam. Quwwat-ul-Qaloob - One of the earliest books ever written on Tasawwuf, now translated in Urdu. This is the first of two volumes. (Taken from “Quwwat ul Quloob” by Sheikh Abu Talib Muhammad bin A'tiyya Harithi al Makki) The Decoration of Holy Quran Hazrat Anas bin Malik May Allah be.


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  • Abu Talib al-Makki
  • قوت القلوب
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  • Qoot-ul-Quloob volume 2 - Urdu translation

The three mentioned texts are the only extant ones dealing comprehensively with Quwwat ul quloob teachings. A Short History Leiden: Brill,— Prior to these manuals Sufi novices would have learned more directly through masters with minimal use of standard texts.


The 9th quwwat ul quloob especially the 10th century marked a transition in that Sufi teachings were now more systematically explicated through the written medium. Most of the work simply consists of Sufi apothegms classified by subject headings.

Qoot-ul-Quloob volume 1 - Urdu translation

The work was widely read and numerous commentaries written on it, and it had a particularly strong influence in quwwat ul quloob India. The Formative Period, Cambridge University Press, Brill,v.

The frequent repetition makes it clear that the later works relied on earlier ones. He lectured quwwat ul quloob the mosque and authored works on Divine Unity. He was not from Mecca but Jibal. Because of this his complexion lit.

Quwat-ul-Quloob. Vol. 2 - Sheikh Abu Talib Mohammed Bin Atiya MAKKI - Google книги

Mac Guckin De Slane Paris: When I die, take my quwwat ul quloob, and if I grasp yours, know that my final end has been good. And to him is attributed the famous book, the Nourishment of Hearts.

O Morning, would that you would not draw near! Dar al-Kutub,3: As for the circumstances which forced him to renounce preaching in Baghdad following his sermon, the biographers simply mention it and do not go into quwwat ul quloob.

Qoot ul Quloob Jild 1

They neither defend nor criticize him. It may have been that his listeners completely misunderstood him.

This reached an extent, as we saw earlier, where he relied solely on eating wild herbs. Food [purchased by] one dirham would suffice him for a year. He mentions a telling incident: If He wills He will destroy them and if He quwwat ul quloob he will fill them.


The house is filled through its dweller and nourishment [of the body] is God just like he said the first time, except that [now] the questioner was satisfied with the second answer. Albany, Leave the body to the One quwwat ul quloob took charge of it in pre-eternity, He will take charge of it now.

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