Zaha Hadid Architects have revealed their designs for the Museum of the Mediterranean and a Multifunctional Building for the performing arts. Posts about Regium Waterfront Development written by eliinbar. Located on a narrow strait, separating continental Italy from Sicily, the Regium Waterfront marks the city of Reggio Calabria as a Mediterranean cultural capital.


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Queste aperture coniche realizzate in cemento armato sono tracciate in modo organico sul poligono regium waterfront della forma a stella e costituiscono un sistema strutturale fondamentale, riducendo le luci libere degli ampi spazi regium waterfront.

Dal piano terra a livello 0. Da questa si scende lungo la scala principale al piano terra dove termina il percorso espositivo.

Mario Bellini architects

Until the 15th century Reggio was one of the most important Greek-rite Bishoprics in Italy and even today Greek words are used and are recognisable in local speech and Byzantine terms can be found in local liturgy, in religious icons and even in local recipes.

Numerous occupying armies came to Reggio during the early Middle Ages due to the city's strategic importance. The Arabs occupied Reggio in and sold most of its inhabitants into slavery. During the period of Arab rule regium waterfront beneficial ideas were introduced into Calabria, such as Regium waterfront fruit trees, Mulberry trees used in silk production and several ways of cooking local vegetables such regium waterfront aubergines.

Regium Waterfront | Zaha Hadid Architects, Zaha Hadid

The Arabs introduced water ices and ice cream and also greatly improved agricultural and regium waterfront techniques for irrigation. In Reggio and the whole of southern Italy went to the Hohenstaufenwho held it regium waterfront In the town fair was established by decree of Emperor Frederick II.

From to and again from toReggio was the capital of the Calabrian Giustizierato. It supported regium waterfront Aragonese forces against the House of Anjou.


Regium waterfront the 14th century it obtained new administrative powers. Regium waterfront, throughout the Middle Ages, was first an important centre of calligraphy and then of printing after its inventions, boasting the first dated printed edition of a Hebrewa Rashi commentary on the Pentateuchprinted in in La Giudecca of Reggio [16] although scholars consider Rome as the city where Hebrew printing began.

Regium Waterfront by Zaha Hadid Architects

The 16th and 17th centuries were an age of decay due regium waterfront high Spanish taxes, pestilence, the earthquake, and the Ottoman Turkish invasions suffered by Reggio regium waterfront and Infacing attack by an Ottoman fleet under Hayreddin Barbarossa the townspeople abandoned Reggio.

Barbarossa captured eight hundred of those who remained, and then burned the town.

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Reggio was the capital of Calabria Ulteriore Prima from to The radial symmetry regium waterfront this shape helps to coordinate the communication and circulation between different sections of the museum and its other facilities.

The Museum of Mediterranean History will house exhibition spaces, restoration facilities, an archive, an aquarium and library. The Museum of Mediterranean History regium waterfront house exhibition spaces, restoration facilities, an archive, an aquarium and library.

The Multifunctional Building is a composition of three separate elements that surround a partially covered piazza.

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