Indonesian blasphemy law') in Kitab Undang-undang Hukum Pidana ('the .. dan Peraturan Perundang-Undangan Kerukunan Umat Beragama (Jakarta. I found one site (database) with millions of pdf ebooks, programs, music, films, etc available for downloading and it's completely free, but I don't know if there is. Lakukan Sosialisasi Undang-Undang atau Peraturan Pemeritah berkaitan dengan kerukunan umat beragama. Melakukan dan membudayakan silaturahmi.


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Religion, Law and Intolerance in Indonesia - Google Livros

Macedo, Stephen, Diversity and Distrust: Civic Education in a Multicultural Democracy, Cambridge: Harvard Ruu kerukunan umat beragama Press, Princeton University Press, A Qualitative Approach, San Francisco: Michael Huberman, Qualitative Data Analysis: An Expanded Sourcebook, Thousands Oaks: Parekh, Bhikhu, Rethinking Multiculturalism: Cultural Diversity and Political Theory, 2nd ed.

University of Adelaide, 8 May Examining the Politics of Recognition, ed.

United Nations, Ruu kerukunan umat beragama Rights: This has sparked growing fears for the future of basic human rights, and, in particular, the rights of women and sexual and ethnic minority groups.

There have, in fact, been more prosecutions of unorthodox religious groups since the fall of Soeharto in than there were under the three decades of his authoritarian rule.

Indonesia: Law and Society - Google Livros

These cults were known as kejawen or tasawuf Jawa Javanese mysticism which integrated between Islam ruu kerukunan umat beragama cultural traditional beliefs. Syaikh Siti Jenar and his followers were regarded to be heretical and to desecrate Islam.


Syaikh Siti Jenar admits himself as God with his teaching of manunggaling kawula gusti being united with God. Due to this teaching, he believes that Muslims are not obligated to perform prayers and fasting if they have united with God. As a result, the nine clerics of Islam opposed Syaikh Siti Jenar and declared ruu kerukunan umat beragama and his followers as apostates becuase they misled the teachings of Islam.


It is strongly believed by most of Muslims in Ruu kerukunan umat beragama that he was prosecuted of blasphemy and murdered by the nine clerics. There are, however, a number of versions of the story of Syaikh Siti Jenar.

These beliefs and rituals were associated with the life world of the peasantry, the hazards of the agricultural cycle, and local or ancestral spirits.

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The abangan are muslims who maintain their previous traditional practices, such as slametan, believing in ruu kerukunan umat beragama of big trees and stones. The term santri has two different meanings. Urban pious Muslims tended to be influenced by modernist or reformist thought and to reject many of the traditional practices of the rural santri and the abangan.


Those who opposed syncretism were affiliated with the Muhammadiyah which was founded in The NU and the Muhammadiyah have different measurement for the adoption of these beliefs.

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