Junos Space Service Now is an application that runs on the Junos Space Network Management Platform to automate fault management and accelerate issue. ServiceNow is the enterprise IT cloud company. We transform IT by automating and managing IT service relationships across the global. ServiceNow, which appears to be pivoting to simply Now, provides cloud-based solutions that define, structure, manage and automate assets.


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This enables it to standardize taxonomies, processes, and data.

As a result of which you need not update configuration changes in multiple systems. ServiceNow CMDB automatically propagates these changes across all related systems, thus enabling a single system of record with minimum redundancy and hassles.

What would help is to graphically visualize the impact a specific service now overview service may have on the subsequent tenants.

Its service mapping functionality provides a concise graphical view of your IT infrastructure with relationships, dependencies and more. This application significantly reduces the resolution time by automating service now overview processes and using device diagnostics for fault monitoring and case automation.

Service now overview contract with Juniper Networks determines whether Service Now operates in standalone mode, partner proxy mode, end customer mode, or offline mode.

These modes in turn determine which tasks are enabled and disabled in Service Now.


Service Now receives information about events, such as a process crash, an ASIC error, or a fan failure, when they occur on a device from AI-Scripts installed on the device. In reactive mode, the AI-Scripts collect data from the device when a service now overview event, such as failure to allocate memory for a process or failure of a hardware, occurs on the device and store the data at a predefined location on the device from where Service now overview Now accesses it for analysis and resolution.

ServiceNow: Product Overview and Insight

An eJMB usually includes the service now overview identity, the problem event, log files, and core files. This information is securely transferred to the Junos Space Platform.


Service Now creates an incident in response to the event and the received JMB. In proactive mode, the AI-Scripts periodically collect data on vital service now overview functions and store the data at a predefined location on the device.

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This data is accessed by Service Now to monitor the device and to predict and prevent risks related service now overview the device. This solution is used with IBM Cloud Orchestrator, which helps you with end-to-end service deployment across infrastructure and platform layers.

Using IBM Cloud Orchestrator, you have a consistent, flexible and automated way of integrating the cloud with customer data center policies, processes and infrastructures across various IT domains.

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