In itself, the Sir Creek dispute between India and Pakistan was considered the most doable. Now, however, with the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Jump to Dispute - The dispute lies in the interpretation of the maritime boundary line between Another point of concern for Pakistan is that Sir Creek has  ‎Atlantique incident · ‎Economic reasons. the Sir Creek area will in turn determine where the maritime boundary The dispute over Sir Creek can be traced back to the pre-independence period, to.


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The sea is an impartial medium, not selective about which area it will pollute.


The meagre resources of each country prevent it from mounting a major assault on polluted areas, but pooling their resources and making a joint effort to keep the shores of the Arabian Sea free from pollution can result in immense benefit to both countries.

The joint sir creek dispute of all these various agreements and the targets they set in could be used by sir creek dispute governments to resolve the Sir Creek dispute.

Sir Creek - Wikipedia

The urgency of resolution could also be highlighted through SAARC since there have been growing concerns that this Delta region is highly vulnerable to sir creek dispute change and coordinated adaptive strategies are hampered by the dispute and distrust.

The opening of a cooperative track between sir creek dispute countries could help reduce the current trust deficit between the two countries.

Conclusion In the environmental context of wetlands management, a possibility exists for a limited technical role by external powers. Environmental diplomacy often requires some technical support mechanisms from external agents with the requisite sir creek dispute.

It is notable in this regard that the United States has also ratified Ramsar Convention.


The territorial dispute between Ecuador and Peru in the Cordillera del Condor region, for example, was resolved through a conservation treaty that required similar technical support and mediation from Brazil and sir creek dispute United States and successfully ended sir creek dispute decades of violent border conflicts.

He has also authored over a hundred peer-reviewed publications and served as the editor of acclaimed anthologies including Peace Parks: Energy and the Environment in the Arctic and Antarctic with R. Pincus, Yale University Press.


Barnes, who had also served as U. Also once the boundaries are defined, it would help in the determination of the maritime boundaries which are drawn sir creek dispute an extension of onshore reference points. In contrary to economic reasons described by India and Pakistan, common fishermen of both countries get trapped in conflict and their economic rights of earning get affected.

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It has seen that government of India and Pakistan regularly arrest fishermen of each other for crossing the boundary, however for a common fisherman, it is always a wonder to know where the boundary starts and ends in sea.

This unawareness are added with wind flow, waves sir creek dispute turbulence that push the boat in sea.

While UN law advocates for minimum penalty for this offence and release sir creek dispute boats, but government of India and Pakistan catch these prisoners and keep them in prisons for long time.

Pakistan uses different colonial sources to sir creek dispute the Kutch never had an existence of its own, that the rulers of Sindh had invaded and occupied parts of the Rann in the 18th century, and that the whole breadth of the Rann was the boundary between Kutch and Sindh.

Use Environmental Diplomacy to Resolve the Sir Creek Dispute

This includes the sir creek dispute of water now under dispute. Current Position The dispute between India and Pakistan is on 3 issues: Demarcation of maritime boundary between India and Pakistan in Arabian Sea. Neither has changed its claims on the creek sir creek dispute then.

Shah attributed the frequent episodes of conflict between the two neighbouring countries, leading to the detention and incarceration of poor and unsuspecting fishermen on either side of the "border", to the long-running dispute over Sir Creek. It added that an option available could be the constitution of an arbitration tribunal under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea Uncloswhich both India and Pakistan have signed and ratified.

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