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This beautiful painting, with which I fell in love many years ago, was graciously provided to the Society by Hans van den Boom of Peter's Dutch Publisher and the publisher of the brilliant new graphic novels De Leeskamer.


I think all will sister fidelma epub ebooks on this image has been a wonderful depiction of the good Sister. I have usually made some sort of modification in my own projects to take this into account, but I have felt, for years, that we needed an "updated" - and "freestanding" - image of the good Sister for use as we enter the 18th year of our existence.

In fact, his amazing portrait of Fidelma's creator is now forever part of a large tribute piece presented to the author during the anniversary months of his 50th year of publishing, his th title actually published, and even his 75th birthday. Each of these sister fidelma epub ebooks events is a milestone in itself, but combined I think you will agree that something special had to be done.

The Monk who Vanished (Sister Fidelma Mysteries Book 7) (eBook, ePUB)

As noted, I took it upon myself to have rendered not only the creator of the titular character sister fidelma epub ebooks the Fidelma series but the good Sister herself. Unaccustomed as Eric was to rendering a character completely out of "thin air" as one might say, I gave him both Peter's own descriptions of the character from the novels, as well as an actual living, breathing actress, I felt embodied the look and character of Fidelma.

After a few back-and-forths, Eric came up with the beautiful image you see here and, once again, I am in love with this woman. Peter agrees with me that this rendition of his creation is both lovely and true to form which was my ultimate hope.

Peter then immediately chimed in with "Naturally you are going to have her rendered in color," a process which I had already undertaken when he commanded such a task. I had turned to longtime friend sister fidelma epub ebooks equally sister fidelma epub ebooks artist Franchesco!


He noted sister fidelma epub ebooks he, himself, was not accustomed to coloring other artists' works, as he did not want to enforce his style onto their artwork.

While Eric is a brilliant penciller and inker, his coloring work is primarily confined to using colored pencils to render original artwork with wonderful results. So, as I patiently waited for Franchesco!

With only a few minor tweaks requested by me, sister fidelma epub ebooks ended up with what I consider to be a true image of Fidelma, and someone to whom I would gladly play Eadulf against in the novels.


After all, this is the page that's meant to lure in the Fidelma fan, fellow Fidelmaniac, and hopefully, potential International Sister Fidelma Society member. Yes, we all love the good Sister, but the "bottom line," as it were, is that we are always recruiting to sister fidelma epub ebooks more fellow Fidelma fans into the fold and your help is ALWAYS needed!!

But all that simply wasn't enough. What if someone is coming to our sister fidelma epub ebooks had no idea who Sister Fidelma was heaven forefend! They would need someone to quickly and succinctly explain who, what, where, and why, in hopes that the visitor will want to delve further into Fidelma's World.

Sister Fidelma Series by Peter Tremayne

You listen to her narration and are easily taken back to 7th century Ireland. Sister fidelma epub ebooks cannot thank Caroline enough for her participation in this overall team effort, updating and enhancing the website to hopefully bring in a fresh batch of Fidelmaniacs who have been sister fidelma epub ebooks lurking in the shadows, waiting for someone to ask them to come in.

Following Lightbringer, Bloodmoon will also be released in both markets. In the September issue of The Brehon, we reported the shocking news that, sister fidelma epub ebooks published the series since February with the first title, US publishers, St Martins Minotaur of New York, announced they were ceasing to publish the series with Penance of the Damned.

It was not, we felt, that the books were any less popular, but because of self-inflicted distribution problems and the fact that the US editions continued to be published a full year or more after they were available in the UK, Canadian, and other English-speaking markets.


There seemed no attempt over the years to obtain simultaneous publication, causing sister fidelma epub ebooks fans to search for copies from other sources or give up altogether. Obviously, publication at the same time - on both sides of the pond - would have been more appropriate to maintain strong sales base in the US.

We dealt with many complaints from fans over sister fidelma epub ebooks years on this very subject. We felt sure that it would not be long before a more market-knowledgeable publisher would pick up the series for the USA, even though they were entering that market after 27 titles had been published in America by Minotaur.

Sister Fidelma(Series) · OverDrive (Rakuten OverDrive): eBooks, audiobooks and videos for libraries

Publishers are usually loathed to pick up a series halfway through, let alone after 27 titles issued by another publisher. But the series, as we fans know, is ongoing, vibrant, and continuing.

And this was, of course, immediately seen by a savvy publisher like Severn House. So our prediction was right.

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