Translation for 'sterne arctique' in the free French-English dictionary and many other English translations. Les sternes arctiques sont vraiment agressives lorsqu'on passe près de leur nid, comme à Höfn. Sterne hansel Gelochelidon nilotica · Sterne hansel. Gelochelidon nilotica. Sterne caugek Sterna sandvicensis. Sterne . Sterne arctique Sterna paradisaea.


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Arctic tern in flight, Svalbard.

Sterne arctique stock photos

The species is monotypic with little sterne arctique variation. The arctic tern is common along the coast of most of Sterne arctique, and it is found in greatest numbers on the western and northern parts of Spitsbergen.

It breeds either as single pairs or, more commonly, in colonies of up to several hundred pairs. Many arctic terns spend winter in the pack ice of sterne arctique Antarctic Ocean, but some probably remain in waters off western and southern Africa.

Travelling this long distance twice a year, and in addition undertaking extensive movements in the Antarctic Ocean during the austral summer, means that the sterne arctique tern has the longest migration of all birds.

Sterna paradisaea Pontoppidan, - Sterne arctique - Overview

It returns to Svalbard in the last days of May or at the beginning of June and leaves again between the end of August and the middle of September.

Ecology Arctic tern with chick. They occupy near-shore waters as well as being pelagic outside the breeding season. The main food of the arctic tern sterne arctique small fish predominantly polar codcrustaceans, polychaetes and insects caught near the water surface.

Most of the prey is taken in relatively shallow water along the sterne arctique. Birds breeding in the most northerly parts of the range, such as in Svalbard, sterne arctique to be less dependent on fish and more on crustacean prey.

The arctic fox, glaucous gull and arctic skua are important predators of arctic tern eggs and chicks and may have significant impacts on local breeding success.

Attaque d'une sterne arctique

The nest-site sterne arctique of breeding terns depends to a great extent on their breeding success the previous breeding season. The population in the Barents Sea is estimated to bebreeding pairs. The European population, numbering more thanbreeding pairs, is thought to be stable.

Life history sterne arctique reproduction Arctic terns usually arrive at the nesting site while there is still snow on sterne arctique ground. They establish territories and wait for the snow to melt on the tundra before the specific site for the nest is chosen.

La sterne arctique la + vieille en UK! | Arctic05

In some years, when thawing is late, they may refrain from nesting. The nest is placed directly on the ground, usually on dry gravel, though sometimes on damp moss. It is occasionally lined with grass, small stones or bits of sterne arctique. The one or two occasionally three eggs are olive-brown sterne arctique brown-black streaks and blotches.

I hope this helps, Regards, Steve White.

Also, many Common shows broader pale edges to wing-coverts, highligtening the effect of a paler midwing area, which i cannot see on the actual bird. If the birs was seen in sterne arctique, ID would have been much easier. Have anyone any impressione here?


Chris Kehoe and Sterne arctique have looked again at the photographs and are more than ever convinced that the bird is a Common. On Arctic a dark area below the ye joins the lores and dark ear-coverts. The dark crown has a very diffuse border with the white forehead with a large sterne arctique of the forecrown showing a flecky or peppered pattern.

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