Today we are going to talk about the Syma X8G, new model from X8 series. It has been said before here on Drones Globe, but we will say it leave a comment so we can write you a guide on how to do it step-by-step! Only US$, buy best Syma X8G G 4CH With 8MP HD Camera Headless Mode RC Quadcopter sale online store at Charging Way:USB charging. View and Download SYMA X8G instruction manual online. 4CH G REMOTE Quadcopters SYMA X5C Explorers Instruction Manual. 4ch g remote.


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X8G also features headless mode, in this mode, the pilot has no need to recognize the position of the quadcopter head, he just needs to control the aircraft according to with the direction of the remote controller.

Fun to take it to the park and amaze everyone with some aerial tricks! Bright LED lights will able pilots to fly during night and blade protectors and a somehow fragile landing gear will keep syma drones manual x8g drone safe from casual crashes.

Most important, X8G packages comes with a holding syma drones manual x8g for the camera.

Customer reviews

While it is not a gimbal or syma drones manual x8g near, it is an affordable version of a mount, which will be absolutely useful to protect your camera.

Camera takes good quality photographs also. Everything is saved into your 4GB memory card placed on the quadcopter immediately after you take photo or record video.

Camera can only be used with the syma drones manual x8g, it does not work as an external camera, must be attached and plugged with Syma in order to work.

Learning to Fly a Syma X8G Quadcopter Drone

After recharging the batteries, round two. Wind had picked up by then and a couple of times lost control. One more tree adventure which I could force out of and the 2nd time a hard whack syma drones manual x8g the ground which tore up my USB to Unit cable.

Bent a propeller also on that landing. The video from the camera was pretty decent. Good still photo quality.

X8G by Syma is new model from X8 series

Practice - controls are a bit touchy if new to this the less wind, the better. I struggled when not flying into the wind. The x8c and x8g are the same unit, just a different camera.

Once I got proficient, then syma drones manual x8g an aftermarket FPV camera. PRO's relatively long lasting battery smooth flying got some good video Great range on the controller.

Pretty quickly you'll feel confident in flying higher and further syma drones manual x8g from you. As a tip for when flying, if it looks like a crash is unavoidable, turn the throttle off completely to stop the blades rotating as having the blades spinning during a collision will cause more damage than if the're stopped.

Manuals - SYMA Official Site

My First Video Below is the first video I recorded. You can see I'm in a nice wide open field with no one around to be safe. Compared to syma drones manual x8g I can do now it's not brilliant as the landing was pretty bumpy and not that close to me but you have to start somewhere!

Earlier I said that on my first flight I flew to the far end of a field and then syma drones manual x8g get back again. The main reason for this was that I didn't know which way the drone was facing, so going backwards didn't mean the drone was coming back to me!

Had I bothered to read the manual first however I would've known that in headless mode it doesn't matter which way the drone is facing, forward is always forwards and backward is always backwards! Now I use headless mode almost all the time when flying syma drones manual x8g it makes it far easier.

If I can see the drone in front of me and I want to go right, I just push the stick to the right and it goes that way, no syma drones manual x8g which way the drone's actually facing. To use headless mode, make sure that you take off with the drone pointing away from you.

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