Uniform Title, Fie at tarbiyah al jihadiyah wal bina'. Indonesian. Description, Solo: Pustaka Al-'Alaq, 12 v. ; 21 x 30 cm. Notes. Photocopied materials. its pillar is prayer and the highest devotion is jihad (at-Tirmidzi)” Works that exalt militancy and martyrdom such as Tarbiyah Jihadiyah by Abdullah Azzam. of colonization i.e. in Malay world (Rahimin Affandi Abdul Rahim, ). enclosed in the book of Abdullah Azzam's Tarbiyah Jihadiyah and.


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The arrests of Hambali and others surely have weakened its ability to operate, and the Indonesian police and their international counterparts have made major progress in hunting down its members.

Abdullah Azzam Tarbiyah Jihadiyah

But this is an organization spread across a huge archipelago, whose members probably number in the thousands. No single individual is indispensable.

The one piece of tarbiyah jihadiyah abdullah azzam news is that there are some indications that internal dissent is building within JI. Members are said to be unhappy with recent choices of targets, including the Marriott hotel bombing that killed mostly Indonesian workers.

Internal dissent has tarbiyah jihadiyah abdullah azzam more than one radical group, but in the short term, we are likely to see more JI attacks.

On 5 Augustmembers of the South East Asian terrorist organization bombed the Marriott hotel in Jakarta, clear evidence that JI is still capable of planning and executing a major operation in the heart of the capital.

But he was not indispensable, and JI is far from destroyed. Indications from the interrogation of JI suspects suggest JI is larger than first believed, with a depth of leaders that allows it to make up losses and regenerate itself.

The significance of the arrest will thus depend in part on the information that Hambali discloses and how that information is acted on, but JI does not depend on one man.

Internet Archive Search: subject:"Abdullah Azzam"

If some early accounts painted JI as an al-Qaeda affiliate, tightly integrated tarbiyah jihadiyah abdullah azzam the bin Laden network, the reality is more complex.

JI has elements in common with al-Qaeda, particularly its jihadist ideology and a long period of shared experience in Afghanistan.


Its leaders revere bin Laden and seek to emulate him, and they have almost certainly received direct financial support from al-Qaeda. But JI is not operating simply as an al-Qaeda subordinate.

Tarbiyah Jihadiyah, Dr Abdullah Azzam

Virtually all of its decision-making and tarbiyah jihadiyah abdullah azzam of its fund-raising has been conducted locally, and its focus, for all the claims about its wanting to establish a South East Asian caliphate, continues to be on establishing an Islamic state in Indonesia.

Documentary evidence from the mids and more recent interrogation of JI suspects suggest that JI has a rigidly hierarchical structure headed by an amir.


In practice, however, members of the central command, the markaziyah, appear to be more important in setting policy and deciding on operations and are not constrained by the formal hierarchy.

JI also maintains alliances with a loose network of tarbiyah jihadiyah abdullah azzam regional organizations all committed in different ways to jihad. The Makassar bombings of 5 December were not the work of JI, for example, but they were carried tarbiyah jihadiyah abdullah azzam by men who had been trained by JI in Mindanao and who had the motivation, manpower, and skills to undertake a JI-like attack.


JI has also made very pragmatic use of thugs preman as necessary, particularly in Ambon. Both tarbiyah jihadiyah abdullah azzam core organization and this looser network Wan Min bin Wan Mat, a JI suspect detained in Malaysia, told interrogators that once an Islamic state in Indonesia was achieved, members would work toward a larger daulah islamiyah nusantara encompassing Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines, and then move on to restoring the Islamic caliphate.

Strategi Dua Lengan Gagasan Khilafah Dalam Revolusi Arab

Wan Min interrogation deposition, 11 March More than tarbiyah jihadiyah abdullah azzam trained in Afghanistan from to and even more than that in Mindanao from to These bonds are likely to enable the network to survive police efforts to dismantle it.

It is sobering in particular to note that several leaders in the central command have not been identified, let alone apprehended.

Senior figures with proven tarbiyah jihadiyah abdullah azzam to do serious damage, such as Zulkarnaen, the head of JI military operations, and the Malaysian national, Zulkifli bin Hir alias Musa alias Marwan, remain at large in the region, and tarbiyah jihadiyah abdullah azzam cell structure is probably more extensive than originally believed.

It is based on tarbiyah jihadiyah abdullah azzam of interrogation depositions of many of the suspects arrested in connection with the Bali bombings as well as confidential interviews with people close to the network.

The former are valuable documents but ICG does not take the information within them at face value; several Bali suspects, in particular, have given misleading information to interrogators. But through cross-checking different accounts of the same incident, it is possible to get a reasonably reliable description of events.

The jihad in Afghanistan had a huge influence in shaping their worldview, reinforcing their commitment to jihad, and providing them with lethal skills. Their experience there was also critical in terms of forging bonds among themselves and building an international network that included members of al- Qaeda.

It is important to note that the process of sending recruits to Afghanistan began at least seven years before JI formally came into being. In many ways, the emergence of a formal organization around merely institutionalized a network that already existed.

Once JI was formed, however, the Afghanistan veterans became its elite. One veteran estimated about 3, tarbiyah jihadiyah abdullah azzam is certainly too high.

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