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Making every panel count is very important, especially if you are creating a marketing brochure. Illustrate how your founder got to where the best of brochure design 8 is now, outline how you create a certain product or just show off how your company was built from the ground up.

Just look at all the things you can learn from this marketing brochure example created for Bloomberg Business. From when they were founded, to what year they started publishing on the internet, and everything in between.

35+ Marketing Brochure Examples, Tips and Templates

It always helps to start with a timeline template. Think about how out of place a photo of a flower would look on the backside of this marketing brochure template.

  • Free infographic Maker

Image Source If you want something to stand out from the text around it, use a contrasting color to make it pop. Color can be used to help indicate hierarchy in your design. In this marketing brochure example, they use white text to highlight their motto and the donation values, while keeping all the other text and graphics black.

This makes the most important info almost jump off the page. This is probably because people the best of brochure design 8 getting tired of minimalist designs, and are looking for something more colorful. Image Source Handwritten fonts, icons, and illustrations have seen a huge increase in popularity lately.

This is due to brands wanting to appear more genuine and friendly across the design world. Across this whole marketing brochure from Daniela Lomba you can see those illustrations upgrade each page.

From the sardine to the mullet, the best of brochure design 8 image feels a lot more fun and sincere with those illustrations. But a lot of text can be confusing to readers. To keep your brochure organized, I would recommend color-coding your information.

35+ Marketing Brochure Examples, Tips and Templates - Venngage

This could be as simple as using a different background color for each section. The best of brochure design 8 varying font colors for each page, like above. I think they blew up because they make marketing collateral seem more genuine.

Just look at the marketing brochure example above! They take already adorable photos of pets and make them quirkier using icons and illustrations. It make the whole brochure feel a lot more fun.


Everybody loves a cat in a crown. The creators want you to focus on those large figures first, then read more about them in the text below.

Impressive numbers, stats or figures are always very eye-catching and can be used throughout your brochure. Image Source An effective marketing brochure can be used to introduce a customer to your product, service, or even your company as a whole.

Just make sure that the design choices you make fit your company culture.

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