Alaa Al-Aswany is an Egyptian writer, and a founding member of the political movement Kefaya. Contents. 1 Early life and career; 2 Role in the revolution  ‎Early life and career · ‎Role in the revolution · ‎Bibliography (in Arabic) · ‎Awards. The Egyptian writer Alaa Al Aswany is without doubt one of the latter. In one story, “The Kitchen Boy”, he shows us an outstanding young. Author: Alaa Al Aswany "Fragment by fragment, character by character, Alaa Al Aswany's desolately The Kitchen Boy · Izzat Amin Iskandar.


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Yet when he confides his troubles to his mother, she suggests that he perform daily a religious ritual that will ease his woes, and Hisham reluctantly agrees. But when Isam meets the enchanting German, Jutta, it appears that he may have found just the Western woman to ease his existential pain.

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In the powerful "A Look into Nagi's Face," Nagi, a half-French student, becomes a sadistic teacher's favorite, upsetting the classroom's balance of power.

Domestic violence in a bourgeois Egyptian household gets out of hand in "When the Glass Shatters"; "Dearest Sister Makarim" mocks the formalities and traditions that hinder real communication between the sexes in modern Muslim culture.

Nor does anyone know what the point is of this tie being so long. In addition, he chooses clothes of bright clashing colors that he seems to have chosen deliberately to not match though they say that he acquired this practice during his stay in America.

Book Review: Friendly Fire by Alaa Al Aswany

And while it is accepted that one should let his sideburns grow a little, Dr. Bassiouni has gone to excessive lengths in this respect, draping his face with long gray sideburns that extend from below his ears and give him the appearance of a nineteenth-century English lord, or a Greek grocer from Alexandria.

Despite which, his general appearance, with his sideburns, flashy colors, small bald patch, short, stout body, and rapid, irritable movements the kitchen boy alaa al aswany not without good looks and certainly gives no hint of his sixty years.

Bassiouni has never gotten married, a fact which, according to one interpretation, is attributable to his faithfulness to an old love that ended painfully.

Fifty-Two Stories » The Kitchen Boy

There is much speculation, of course, but it is truly difficult to be sure that any given person is the the kitchen boy alaa al aswany of his information, and the results are amazing, for the physicians in the department work, talk, and laugh as though the doctor were with them.

Two of them may, for example, differ—may, indeed, become excited and angry—over the history of how the doctor obtained his doctorate or from which American university he obtained it even though it is no business of either of them but they will be certain that whatever they say, like everything else that happens in the department, will be reported to the doctor in detail; and if things are like this when the doctor is not there, just imagine how they are when he is.

the kitchen boy alaa al aswany


When the doctor appears, everyone devotes the same energy to doing his work well as he does to staying alive, for the doctor is not given to idle talk. He punishes the wrongdoer whoever he may be and his punishments are immediate and also—like everything he does—extremely strange.

Alaa Al Aswany

the kitchen boy alaa al aswany This happened once with a new sister; the others knew from experience how to avoid these flying objects. He was on the job every day from seven in the morning to midnight, and on operation days Sundays and Wednesdays he would spend the night at the department.

When he came home exhausted, he was supposed to find one or two hours in which to review his work for his master.

His body grew thin, his face pale, and permanent dark rings formed around his eyes. His mother noticed how irritable he was and reproached him frequently for his excessive smoking.

At his insistence, she would wake him every day at daybreak, almost weeping out of pity for his weak, exhausted body.

Al Aswany opens up world of engrossing short fiction

What kept him awake was the thought that his hard work might go the kitchen boy alaa al aswany nothing. He had a clear well-defined goal in mind—to become one of the great surgeons. Because he was aware that these days would decide his whole future, he was prepared, were there time enough, to double his efforts and, believe it or not, he managed to work with Dr.

Bassiouni for a whole year without any disasters. He would go in to see him twice a week to show him the operation schedule and each time Hisham would approach Dr.

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