The flaw in his jewel When Sheikh Zahir Ra'if Quarishi took a Western woman as his wife it caused outrage amongst his people. And. The Sheikh's Prize has ratings and 54 reviews. StMargarets said: The H/h married when they were still teenagers. Besides the cultural differences, th. Listen to a sample or download The Sheikh's Prize (Unabridged) by Lynne Graham in iTunes. Read a description of this audiobook, customer reviews and more.


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Until I learned the background about the year-long unconsummated marriage, I thought things were a little too soap-opera-y, but it makes complete sense as you get further into the book.

There were quite a few pangs of hurt felt when I read about their suffering, both during the first marriage, and their the sheikhs prize separation.

The story felt a tiny bit rushed at the end, but for the most part, I really enjoyed it. Book Info Publication Date: Unpardonably, her goal in marrying him had the sheikhs prize been the rich pay-off that would follow their divorce. He had married a woman with all the heart of a cash register and she had, not only, ripped him off but also got away scot free while he had paid in spades.

The Sheikh`s Prize

At that reflection, his even white teeth ground together, tiny gold flames igniting in his fierce eyes. If only he had been dealing with her the sheikhs prize the present as a male who now knew the score, he would have known exactly how to handle her.

She must be shameless and without conscience to come to Maraban to make her stupid commercial! Try to picture the likely consequences of deporting a world-famous celebrity. Why would I want to create headlines to alert the world's media the sheikhs prize a past that is more wisely left buried?

The Sheikh's Prize (A Bride for a Billionaire, Book 2) (Mills & Boon Modern) by Graham, Lynne

It was a supreme irony but Zahir's coolly astute brain was the sheikhs prize at all-out war with the volatile passion of his temperament. While it made no logical sense whatsoever he wanted the chance to see Sapphire in the flesh again.

Did that desire imply that he still had some lingering need for closure where she was concerned?

Or was it simple and natural curiosity because he was currently facing the prospect of having to take another wife? Once, in a desperate the sheikhs prize for a solution to his seemingly incurable problems with Sapphire, Zahir had read books about all sorts of strange subjects before he finally accepted that the simplest explanation of the apparently inexplicable was usually the closest to the truth.

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  • The Sheikh's Prize (A Bride for a Billionaire, Book 2) (Mills & Boon Modern)
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If your parcel has not arrived after this time, contact customer services for help. His undying love for Sapphire.


How much he cared. I could feel her pain and angst but I could not understand how she could be the sheikhs prize cruel and harsh to Zahir.

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