In this age of charismatic emotionalism and aberrant neo-Montanistic Pentecostalism, a definitive and scripturally based book on true devotion to the Holy Spirit. True Devotion to the Holy Spirit has 33 ratings and 5 reviews. Cornelius said: Buku terbaik tentang Roh Kudus. Ditulis dengan indah dan mendalam sehingga. Huge in scope, yet simple and readable, True Devotion to the Holy Spirit covers virtually everything there is to know about the Spirit's role in our.


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And that order is the fruit of light, of dogmatic truth, for, as Saint Thomas teaches, it belongs to wisdom to set things in order.


True devotion to the holy spirit influence of dogma in the Christian life puts each thing in its place and thus avoids those pietistic deviations caused by mere personal inclination or lack of instruction.

Such deviations, although devout and well-intentioned, hinder the prompt and rich flowering of Christian perfection in souls. It is more important than we sometimes realize to put things in their proper place in the spiritual life.

  • True Devotion to the Holy Spirit - Luis M. Martinez - Casa Maria Bookstore
  • True Devotion to the Holy Spirit
  • Writings of a Christian Mystic

The merit of these works is that they show an understanding of the universal and indispensable function of Mary in the sanctification of souls — a traditional doctrine of the church that obtained the magnificent confirmation of the Holy Apostolic See in modern times when the feast of Mary was introduced into the liturgy.

Saint Grignion de Monfort understood so clearly the place that belongs to Mary in the work of sanctification that he true devotion to the holy spirit devotion to this sweet mother, not something superficial or intermittent, consisting of isolated practices with a special place and hour in our day, but constant and essential, reaching to the very depths of our heart and filling our whole being and all our life like a Heavenly perfume.

The method of Grignion de Montfort is not artificial.

It does not impose on Christian life the particular note of filial tenderness that the saint himself professed for Mary. It simply shows how to bring to Christian life the traditional Roman Catholic teaching about Mary.

That is, it gives her her proper place as universal mediatrix of the graces of God.

HOLY SPIRIT: The Heart Of True Devotion by Luis M. Martinez – The Value of Sparrows

With even greater reason, then — because he is more forgotten — the Holy Spirit must be given his proper place, the true devotion to the holy spirit that rightfully belongs to him in Christian life and Christian perfection. Christian life is the reproduction of Jesus in souls; and perfection, the most faithful and perfect reproduction, consists in the transformation of souls into Jesus.

This is the doctrine of Saint Paul, set forth time and again in his letters: As for perfection, these profoundly comprehensive words are well known: In the same way in which Jesus was brought into the world, for God gives a wonderful mark of unity to all his works.

Divine acts have a wealth of variety, because they are the work of omnipotence.

Nevertheless, a most perfect unity always shines forth from them, because they are the fruit of wisdom. And this divine contrast of unity and variety stamps the works of God with sublime and unutterable beauty.

In his miraculous birth, Jesus was the fruit of Heaven and Earth.

Isaiah foretold this in words breathing forth the poetry of an age-old desire and a unique hope, words that the church lovingly repeats during Advent: This is what we are taught regarding Jesus, with the conciseness and the precision of an Article true devotion to the holy spirit Faith: O Jesus, let him who does not love you be accursed, and filled with bitterness.

O gentle Jesus, let every worthy feeling of mine show you love, take delight in you and admire you. O God of my heart and my inheritance, Christ Jesus, may my heart mellow before the influence of your spirit and may you live in me.

May the flame of your love burn in my soul.

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