Applications of Tunable Lasers. Wavelength-tunable laser sources have many applications, some examples of which are: In spectroscopy, a wavelength-tunable laser with narrow optical bandwidth can be used for recording transmission or absorption spectra with very high frequency resolution. At Interferometric Optics we have extensive experience in the design of lasers and optics for medicine and medical applications. Our specific experience focuses. makes them an ideal source for testing fiber-optic components, spectroscopy, or basic research applications. Our tunable lasers cover wavelengths ranging from.


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Most Raman fiber lasers also have the potential for wideband tuning. Some rare-earth-doped laser crystals tunable laser applications, often doped with ytterbiumalso allow for substantial tuning ranges of bulk lasers.

Examples are tungstatesvanadatesYb: Color center lasers rely on broadband gain tunable laser applications certain lattice defects in a crystal, which can be generated e.


They are not widely used, however. Quantum cascade lasers are also tunable laser applications tunable mid- infrared laser tunable laser applications. Some fine tuning, often continuously without mode hops, is possible for other lasers: Tuning may be accomplished by applying stress to the laser crystal via a piezo, or by varying the crystal temperature.


Similar fine tuning is possible with some single-frequency laser diodestunable laser applications. For wideband tuning in various spectral regions, optical parametric oscillators OPOs can be used.

These are actually not lasersbut OPO sources are nevertheless sometimes included with the term tunable laser sources.

Applications of Tunable Lasers Wavelength-tunable laser sources have many applicationssome examples of which are: In spectroscopya wavelength-tunable laser with narrow optical bandwidth can be used for recording transmission or absorption spectra with very high frequency resolution.

In a LIDAR system, a laser may be tuned to a wavelength which is specific to a certain tunable laser applications to be monitored.

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An attractive feature is the extensive bibliography that appears at the end of each chapter. The chapters are geared toward practicing optical scientists and engineers, doctoral students, and faculty in optics and applied tunable laser applications.

A solid background in laser physics is required. The book may have been more useful if an early chapter on the physics of tunable lasers had been included.

Encyclopedia of Laser Physics and Technology - tunable lasers, wavelength tuning

Multi-line tuning[ edit ] Most laser gain media have a tunable laser applications of transition wavelengths on which laser operation can be achieved.

If a dispersive element, such as a prismis introduced into the optical cavity, tilting of the cavity's mirrors can cause tuning of the laser as it "hops" between different laser lines.

Such schemes are common in argon - ion lasersallowing tuning of the laser to a number of lines from the ultraviolet and blue through to green wavelengths. Narrowband tuning[ edit ] For some types of lasers the tunable laser applications cavity length can be modified, and thus they tunable laser applications be continuously tuned over a significant wavelength range.

Tunable Laser Medicine

If the temperature of the laser is changed, the index change of the DBR structure causes a shift in its peak reflective wavelength and thus the wavelength of the laser. As a rule of thumb the wavelength is tuned by 0.

Such lasers are commonly used in optical tunable laser applications applications such tunable laser applications DWDM -systems to allow adjustment of the signal wavelength.

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