Download scientific diagram | The UPnP Device Architecture from publication: Boosting the efficiency of the reliable service management protocol for. The architecture is based on established standards such as IP, HTTP, XML, and SOAP The UPnP Device Architecture standard Version [] was recently. ISO/IEC defines a device type referred to as ScreenDevice version 2. This device specification is compliant with UPnP Device Architecture


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Overview of UPnP Architecture

Control point multicasts When? Looking for device or service What?


Vendors use any operating system and any programming language to build UPnP-based products. UPnP architecture enables vendor control over device user interface and interaction using the browser. UPnP architecture also enables conventional application upnp device architecture control.

Advanced Web Technologies and Applications: 6th Asia-Pacific Web Conference - Google Книги

Vendors agree on base protocol sets on a per-device basis. Each UPnP-based product can have value-added services layered upnp device architecture top of the basic device architecture by the individual manufacturers. How to find and control services that are available on the local network.

The UPnP specifications related to the assignment of IP addresses to new devices on the network or auto-IP self configuration should be handled at the operating upnp device architecture level.

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  • OSGi Compendium Release 7
  • 2.Introduction
  • 5.1 Uniform Resource Identifier

Such functions are outside the scope of this specification. This is a bundle that implements the UPnP protocols and handles the interaction with bundles that use the UPnP devices. A UPnP base driver bundle upnp device architecture provide the following functions: The root device contains a number of sub-devices.

These might be upnp device architecture tuner, the monitor, and the sound system. Each sub-device is further composed of a number of UPnP services.

Standards Council of Canada

A UPnP service represents some upnp device architecture unit in a device. For example, in a TV tuner it can represent the TV channel selector.

For example, in a TV there might be a state variable volume. There are then actions to set the volume, to increase the volume, and to decrease the volume. Most applications will work with sub-devices, and, as a result, the children upnp device architecture the root device are registered under the UPnPDevice interface.

Device Service Specification for UPnP™ Technology - OSGi Compendium 7

upnp device architecture These properties must be registered with the OSGi Framework service registry so they are upnp device architecture.

Bundles that want to handle the UPnP device hierarchy can use the registered service properties to find the parent of a device which is another registered UPnPDevice. The following service registration properties can be used to discover this hierarchy: A root device most not have this property registered.


Type is a String object. Application bundles should therefore be able to interact with imported and exported forms of the UPnP device in the same manner.

Imported and exported UPnP devices differ only by two marker properties that can be added to the service registration. The purpose upnp device architecture this icon is to identify the device on a UPnP control point. UPnP control points can be implemented in large computers like PC's or simple devices like a remote control.

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