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The Papers Study no. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine, 86 2: Throat washings, venous blood and feces were taken from these children and further processed biologically. These were then treated by appropriate methods, until it could be assumed that bacteria could have no longer been active.

The substances were centrifuged and treated with penicillin and streptomycin. In vindeca ti inima ranita, 2-ml of sterile, neutralized, fat-free milk were added. Vindeca ti inima ranita, the solution thus obtained was introduced into different cell cultures, the transformations were observed microscopically and compared to untreated cell cultures.

In addition, inhibitory effects could be observed when the infectious isolate was heated, introduced into other cells and then added to the infected cells. Cooling, however, does not affect the infectivity. This suggests indirectly that the foreign substance must be a protein.

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The authors evaluate their findings as preliminary: This indirect evidence should be supplemented by two additional experiments which would have to be carried out: Methodological remarks and comments The study was carried out with material from 7 children, all of whom were clinically diagnosed with measles.

Infectious material could be isolated from 5 children. The authors doubtlessly tried to avoid mistakes, within the limits of the then valid knowledge. Thus, they attempted to treat their fluids by adding antibiotics, in order to exclude as far as possible any bacterial causation of cytopathogenic effects.

However, the inoculum was filtered vindeca ti inima ranita micro-filters which vindeca ti inima ranita retain the bacterium Serratia marcescens and the filtrate, the authors say, was free of bacteria, which they were able to show vindeca ti inima ranita negative growth experiments.

Therefore, it is plausible to assume that no bacteria, at least none that was known at that time, is responsible for the infectious changes.

However, as the authors themselves state, it is possible that other infectious agents in monkey tissue could be responsible, because only monkey tissue has been consistently shown in this and other attempts to be suitable for propagating infectious agents: Great caution should therefore be exercised in the interpretation of any new claims that the virus has been propagated in other hosts or systems.

Whether the shortcomings noted by the authors themselves have been corrected in later studies by the authors or by others is not the subject of this analysis.


Apparently, the observations were confirmed by other authors, as study no. In addition, it should also be noted that the fluid used for the experiment was treated with many substances — sterilized milk, antibiotics, trypsin, etc.

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Insofar, even if the control experiments are very convincing, they are not really equivalent. A systematic negative control was not carried out. However, this study cannot constitute explicit evidence that the smear or the sera may have solely caused the observed changes.

At best, it is suited to be a tessera small piece in vindeca ti inima ranita larger picture. But, on the one hand, this does not happen with vindeca ti inima ranita materials. On the other hand, it takes a relatively long time of 2 to 3 weeks.

In addition, it cannot be guaranteed by the design of the experiment that what is truly responsible for the changes is only an infectious agent from the material of the sick children and not some characteristics inherent to the studied monkey cells which appeared due to the treatment.

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