W Providing professional customer care by competent staff. While working to achieve these goals our attention focuses particularly on electrical designers who. VOKsEL KABEL Single Core Cable Cu or Al Conductor, XLPE Insulated, Copper Tape or Wires Screened and PE/PVC Sheathed Type. PRODUCT CATALOGUE INTRODUCTION In the era of global telecommunication Optical fiber cable which opto-electronic is applied is a means of transmitting.


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Optical fiber cable which opto-electronic is applied is a means of transmitting in optical communication system. This tinny thun glass fiber of approximately 0 mm in diameter could voksel cable catalogue more information across longer distance than well-known metallic copper cable.

For special purpose, a very long distance could be covered with optical fibers without any repeater.

The glass fiber consists of core and jacket which are made from very high grade pure silicon dioxide. Subject to this benefit, he fiber tensile strength voksel cable catalogue string and the voksel cable catalogue iwl be dopped to provide specific internal refreactive index.

For Various purpose and conditions, the optical fiber cables and designed fr buried in the ground and duct, hung in air and laid down in the ocean.


Product Quality is Our Concern PT Voksel Electric Tbk commited product quality to be the primary manner of its all facets of the company, Optical parameter is tested fr all voksel cable catalogue fiber cables covering incoming material, voksel cable catalogue inspection and final inspection by applying a high quality testing equipment and operated by well-trained operators in order t meet costumer s requirement and our commitment to ISO series of Quality Management System.

Optical fiber cable become more popular also in the subscriber network due to dynamic demand of communication.

  • INTRODUCTION. Product Quality is Our Concern. PT. Voksel Electric Tbk, headquartered in Jakarta,
  • PT Voksel Electric Tbk.

They are not applicable only for telephone, fax, acd television but hight speed computer data will be as well transferred over data highways across the entire universe. Voksel Electric Tbk, headquartered in Jakarta, is one of the indonesia s premier manufacturer of the cables used by the power generation and telecommunication industries.

For futher development, since voksel cable catalogue, that relationship became a joint venture company.


To take advantage of new marketing oppurtunities and to maintain its competitive edge in a fast-growing industrial sector. Voksel has voksel cable catalogue intergrated its operations.

The company manufacturers enameled wire, low voltage and medium voltage power cables and telecommunication cables. It also manufactures copper and aluminium wire rod essential for its production of cables.


Voksel commited to be the leading edge of Technology voksel cable catalogue yhe manufacturing and design of a wide variety of the cables. In present, Voksel has developed his product range by manufacturing and designing optical fiber cables. In recognition of the quality management standards in place of its manufacturing plants at Cakung North Jakarta and cileungsi West Java.

Yarsley International Certification Service Ltd. Fiber Coloring Process voksel cable catalogue carried out to mark the fiber. For easy identification of individual fiber inside the tubes, they are color coded.

The colors have no influence on the optical properties of the fibers. The fiber are colored using UV ink which are chosen as industry standard, easily in stripping, jointing and stability of optical loss under various stress. voksel cable catalogue

Voksel cable catalogue pdf - - JYTOP aluminium conductor

Secondary Coating Production Line: This process uses Polybutylene Terepthalate PBTP as tube material which extremely has goos thermal, hydrolysis and mechanical properties.

The tubes contain fibers and are filled with special typical gel. Secondary coating or tubing process is used to protect the optical fibers during cabling and voksel cable catalogue process.

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