WAITING FOR GODOT - Synopsis. THE plot of Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot is simple to relate. Two tramps are waiting by a sickly looking tree for the. Homeless, destitute, and in constant pain, the men consider hanging themselves while waiting for Godot. Vladimir shares a carrot with Estragon as they discuss their miserable lives. Pozzo and his slave Lucky approach Estragon and Vladimir, who object to Pozzo's ill treatment of Lucky. Get all the key plot points of Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot on one page. From the creators of SparkNotes.


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Samuel Beckett’s Waiting For Godot: Summary & Analysis

Pozzo is on the way to market so as to sell his slave, Lucky. Lucky shows them his dance and gives a long, but a rambling speech on the goodness of God and the tortures of hell. Lucky waiting for godot summary Pozzo take a leave.

When they take leave, a young boy enters and introduces himself as the messenger of the Gods. Vladimir is moving around bowlegged because of a bladder problem.

waiting for godot summary

From this beat on the characters move through a what amounts to a comedy routine. A day in the life of two hapless companions on a country road with waiting for godot summary single tree.

Beckett accomplishes two things by using this style of comedy. Comedy routines have a beginning and an ending. For Godot the routine begins at the opening of the play and ends at the intermission.

Once the routine is over, it cannot continue. Waiting for godot summary routine must be done again. This creates the second act.

Waiting for the Godot by Samuel Beckett: Short Summary

The second act, though not an exact replication, is basically the first act repeated. The routine is put on again for the audience. The same waiting for godot summary of events: Estragon sleeps in a ditch, Vladimir meets him at the tree, they are visited by Pozzo and Lucky, and a boy comes to tell them that Godot will not be coming but will surely be there the following day.

Estragon says all he remembers are some colored maps of the holy land. Vladimir tells Estragon waiting for godot summary the two thieves crucified along with Jesus.

Waiting for the Godot by Samuel Beckett: Short Summary

One of the gospels says that one of the thieves was saved, but Vladimir wonders if this is true. Estragon wants to leave, but Vladimir reminds him that they have waiting for godot summary wait here for Godot. Estragon and Vladimir debate whether they are in the right place and whether it is the right day for Godot to come.


Estragon falls asleep and Vladimir immediately wakes him, saying he was lonely without him. Estragon starts to describe his dream, but Vladimir angrily stops him and tells him to keep his nightmares to himself.

Vladimir wonders what he and Estragon should do, and Estragon says they should waiting for godot summary to wait. While waiting, Estragon suggests they hang themselves on the tree. The two disagree over who should hang himself first, though, and Vladimir concludes that they should just wait for Godot.

Estragon asks what Vladimir asked Godot for and Vladimir says that he made a vague sort of prayer.


Estragon is hungry, and Vladimir offers him a carrot. All he can find in his pockets, though, are turnips.

Finally, he finds a carrot and gives it to Estragon. Estragon asks if they are "tied" to Godot and Vladimir says that they are.


The two are interrupted by a loud scream off-stage. Pozzo and Lucky enter.

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