The Ogre Kingdoms are a faction in Warhammer Fantasy, although it's really more of a geographical term than a political term, as Ogres in WFB aren't really  ‎History · ‎Regions · ‎Tribes · ‎Army. A page for describing Characters: Warhammer Ogre Kingdoms. Main characters index | The Empire | Bretonnia | Dwarfs | High Elves | Dark Elves | Wood Elves. The Ogre Kingdoms lie in the harsh and desolate Mountains of Mourn, a range far to the east of the Old World, across the World's Edge Mountains and the Dark.


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The Ogre Kingdoms are unique in that almost every unit warhammer ogre kingdoms their army is monstrous infantrythough they are also accompanied by various beasts of the mountains and of course Gnoblars.


Ogres also have a great wanderlust, and Ogre mercenaries, known as Maneaters, can be found across the warhammer ogre kingdoms. One warhammer ogre kingdoms one the fortresses of the Sky Titans fell, and with each fallen citadel the Ogres feasted on their enemies' vast bodies, gorging themselves on giant heaps of shrieking red meat in bloody feasts that lasted for days and weeks.

Most were lucky enough to already be dead when the Ogres began to eat them, but certainly not all… The Sky Titans were all but exterminated by the Ogres' insatiable hunger for meat, and before long the tribes found that there were no more Sky Titans left to devour in all the Warhammer ogre kingdoms of Mourn.

Their glorious, ancient empire of towering mountain keeps was now a vast swath of crumpling ruins and bleached bones strewn across countless shivering valleys warhammer ogre kingdoms.


And so the Ogre Kingdoms were founded on literal and figurative mountains of slaughter and woe. Today - whether by warhammer ogre kingdoms soft lands and caravans for booty and flesh, extorting money and meat from brave merchants traveling to and from Cathay along the Silk Road, or hiring out their great bulks as renowned mercenaries to the nations of the Old Warhammer ogre kingdoms and beyond - the Ogres have come back from the brink of extinction to thrive and multiply in their new homeland.

But the Great Maw ever hungers It basically employs cannibalism and the eating of various raw meats as a shamanic rite, channeling the raw power of the Great Maw itself. It would not draw upon the Winds of Magic, as it warhammer ogre kingdoms more of a religious miracle - more like an Arch Lector or a Runelord in terms of game mechanics.

Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Ogre Kingdoms - 1d4chan

Gut Magic can do a lot of things, including imbuing warhammer ogre kingdoms Ogres with magical resilience and healing, and cracking open the ground beneath enemies' feet to reveal a tooth-lined Mini-Maw to devour them whole en mass. But enough with the fluff!

He's been around for a long time in warhammer ogre kingdoms the fluff and as a model.


He's made a name for himself as a warhammer ogre kingdoms mercenary across the Old World and elsewhere, but has recently returned to the Mountains of Warhammer ogre kingdoms to gather his kindred for more war and stuff.

As a native of the Sabreskin Tribe see above maphe would start in the northern reaches of the Mountains of Mourn.

Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Ogre Kingdoms

What better introductory Lord for the Ogre Kingdoms, I ask you? Likely the best overall leader.

He is a Warhammer ogre kingdoms after all, which are the "caster lords" of the Ogre Kingdoms. His story is bloody and rife with betrayal and cannibalism, even for an Ogre.

Warhammer Ogre Kingdoms / Characters - TV Tropes

Basically he accidentally served his Tyrant a meal of the Tyrant's favorite Gnoblar. As punishment the Tyrant hacked off Skrag's hands, hooked his giant meat warhammer ogre kingdoms into his back, and sealed him off in the caves below the tribe's encampment warhammer ogre kingdoms die.

Instead of dying, Skrag attached giant blades to his stumps, dominated the Gorgers lurking in the caves, and led them back to his former tribe's encampent to slaughter and devour his former brethren.

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He now warhammer ogre kingdoms about as a legendary, more-than-a-little-bit insane prophet of the Great Maw. When held by Ogres, they fight to inscribe their tribe symbol on the stone for bragging rights the world over.

Currently controlled by the Bloodmaw tribe. Tribes[ edit ] Ogre tribes are numerous, and constantly changing. Most are named for a notable Ogre in them, or a characteristic common to members.

Ogres are not warhammer ogre kingdoms kind to trace lineages or politics outside their own generation, and as such tribes are a mark of the present rather than past or future some tribes do manage to defy this, existing across multiple generations.

Intro to the Ogre Kingdoms! If You Aren't Hyped, then GET HYPED ALREADY : totalwar

This is a rarity. Tribes change locations, even within it's Tyrant's own kingdom, constantly. Memories of the coming of the Great Maw still exist, and it's within the imagination of Ogres that it could happen again one day. As such, Ogres are mostly nomadic and their possessions are few and warhammer ogre kingdoms packed.

The most valuable thing to an Ogre is his tribe's Mawtooth, a single great tooth warhammer ogre kingdoms flag which at gatherings of their kind is arranged with others in a circle, making an effigy of their god.

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