Complete shortcuts, tips and tricks to get the most from Microsoft's operating Hints and tips to help you get more from Windows 8 and 15 Tips and Tricks To Save You From Windows Get your start button back. Windows brought back the start button, albeit in an incredibly lame fashion. Go straight to Desktop. Change the apps Windows uses. Remove those pesky Windows Store apps. Organize your apps. 6. Make your start button more useful. Easily. A complete listing of the absolute top 10 Windows 8 tips that everyone should know.


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However, this feature is not available for the desktop version of Windows 8 tricks Explorer You can print from the Windows Store apps and desktop applications. For more information on how this works, click here.

Customize Privacy Options Windows 8. You can allow or block apps from accessing your personal information.

20 Useful Microsoft Windows Tips & Tricks - Hongkiat

You are also able to turn off your windows 8 tricks ID so that advertisers do not use your personal data to display personalised ads. To customize these settings, go to Change PC settings and navigate to Privacy.

Smart Files Smart Files is a new feature on Windows 8.


If you want a particular SkyDrive file or folder to be available offline, just right-click on it and select the Make available windows 8 tricks option.

Customize Quiet Hours Integrated notification pop-ups were first introduced on Windows 8. To do this, go to Change PC settings, click on Search and Apps, select Notifications, windows 8 tricks configure the relevant options.

More Windowing Options for New Style Apps On Windows 8, users could split their screen to run up to 8 apps on two x monitors.

20 Useful Microsoft Windows 8.1 Tips & Tricks

Depending on windows 8 tricks screen size, some may only be able to split and run 2 apps. However, that works only if the developer has allowed it for the app. However, what is best for your screen may not necessarily translate on a secondary display. Text and icons may not be in proportion to windows 8 tricks another.

How to Use Windows 8: Tips, Tricks and How-Tos

To solve this problem, Windows 8. Pinning the app windows 8 tricks lock it in place regardless of how often it is used. If there is an app you don't want e. Running two apps side by side Any app can be pinned to the left or right side of the screen.

Pressing the same keys a second time will move it to the left side. Pressing the same keys a third time makes it full screen. While an app is pinned, any other app or program can be opened and loaded into the available space on windows 8 tricks screen.

62 Windows 8 secrets you need to know | TechRadar

For example, in the picture below, we've opened a browser window and have the People app running to monitor our social networks. Any open app can also be pinned using your mouse by clicking at windows 8 tricks top of the tile and dragging it to the left or right side of the screen.

The desktop can also be pinned to the left or right side of the screen. For snap to work properly your resolution must be at least 1, x Changes include a total percent usage of your Processes, improved Performance graphs, and a Startup tab to windows 8 tricks startup processes.

It also includes the App history tab as shown below to see the total resources an app has used. Use a picture password to log into your computer Windows 8 includes a new windows 8 tricks called Picture passwordwhich allows you to authenticate with windows 8 tricks computer using a series of gestures that include circles, straight lines, and taps.

Enable this feature if you want a new way to access your computer or have a hard time with passwords. Open the Windows Charms. A four digit pin password can also be created and used to access your computer.

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