Statistics may say Windows 8 is a flop but, contrary to popular opinion, Windows Phone is far from down and out in the battle for our mobile. The new Microsoft Store policy will apply to apps for Windows 10, Windows Mixed Reality, Windows Phone, and Surface Hub, but will exclude. The stats show that Windows Phone market share dropped once Paid money, wrote apps for them, but the volume of users is too low for most.


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This guide covers both app statistics and app store statistics to build a comprehensive snapshot of the mobile app ecosystem in App Annie The total number of Android app downloads in — 50 billions Source: BusinessInsider The time spent per user with digital media on mobile in US daily in — 2.

Statista The average number of apps windows phone apps statistics use daily — 9monthly — 30 Source: Statista The most popular Android app category, by penetration — Tools App Annie App Download Statistics Certainly windows phone apps statistics data that describes the mobile app ecosystem the best is the total app downloads statistics.

Windows and Microsoft Store trends

On the following graph we see almost 50 billion app downloads jump this year, billion in windows phone apps statistics billion in According to a projection, by the total app downloads number will jump to a stunning billion.

Major smartphones and tablets manufactures regular hardware updates and introduction of brand new features are what stand behind the exponential mobile app downloads growth.


Number windows phone apps statistics mobile app downloads worldwide,and Source: Statista If we look at the number of apps download statistics for two major mobile operating windows phone apps statistics — iOS and Android and their growth year-over-year for the last several years, we see Google Play gaining significantly more, because Android is available for dozens of smartphone models, meanwhile iOS only for a handful of iPhone and iPad models developed by Apple.

In the number of both iOS and Android app on Google Play store only downloads reached 90 billion, 13 billion increase from the previous year.

In both Apple and Google released their figures for the total number of downloads for iOS and Android respectively.

Android windows phone apps statistics were downloaded 50 billion times and iOS only But even with this limited data we can see that Android continues to outpace iOS in a number of apps being downloaded.

Each year, either during its quarter financial conference calls or summer windows phone apps statistics developers conference, Apple announces the number of iOS apps downloads. The graph demonstrates an exponential iOS app ecosystem growth, which was supported by continues iPhone and iPad models annual upgrade cycle.

How many apps are there now?

• Windows phone - statistics and market data | Statista

From the data set, compiled by Statista, based on Apple and Appleinsider data, and presented on the graph below, you can see evidence of a slowdown in the store growth and speaks to its maturity and saturation.

How many Android windows phone apps statistics are there now?


Well, by June of it reached 3 million Android app mark! The windows phone apps statistics rate of its growth is more than 1, apps a day.

Such as wearables, health care, robotics, autonomies car, smart home and desktop applications such as Chromebook.

Number of available applications in the Google Play Store, Source: On its launch the app store had only 3, apps and on March it reached k application mark, with a growth rate range equals to 50kk apps year over year.

App Download and Usage Statistics - Business of Apps

Amazon has been launching a number of new features for app developers community to foster its app store growth, one of the latest ones is paying Alexa developers for Alexa skills they develop.

Number of available apps in the Amazon Appstore, Source: Statista A number of publishers each app store has reveals its adoption rate and windows phone apps statistics attractive and lucrative for app developers a specific store is.

  • Top Grossing Apps and Download Statistics Windows Phone Store | App Annie
  • Windows apps and data trends - Windows app development
  • Global market share held by smartphone operating systems 2009-2018, by quarter

Even though the App Store continues its domination in terms of how much revenue windows phone apps statistics generates for app developers, Google Play has more registered publishers. AppAnnie App Usage Statistics From an app store statistics to mobile app statistics, starting with the most popular apps of today.

Two giants essentially own the chart and Snapchat and Pandora are the only exceptions from this duopoly. The most popular mobile app, both Android and iOS, in Windows phone apps statistics As much as social media apps allow millennials to communicate anywhere and anytime they want, more functional apps present a greater value for this segment of a population.

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